Sunday, February 5, 2012

Watercolors Felted Bag (with inner pocket and coin-purse)

Now that the holidays are officially over and the next crochet project I HAVE to do isn't needed until the end of May this year, I have time to catch up on the kits I've gotten! Yay!

I took this out the other day and within a couple of hours the very simple purse was completed (at least 'stitch'-wise). There was a LOT of wool left over so I decided to make a small coin purse as well. Keeping in mind the felting needs I made the coin purse a little larger. I used the completed purse as a scale, making the c-p the size it would fit. It's just a basic round drawstring, but if anyone asks, I can add the pattern below.

After I finished the coin-purse however - and to my utter surprise!! - I had MORE wool left. I decided it was about enough to make an inner pocket for the purse. I ch21 and did about 17 rows of hdc. By the time I stitched it in, I was left with a grand total of 26 inches of unused wool - Yay! I hate left-overs! Especially of specialty yarn!

So, my finished purse has an inner pocket as well as a matching coin-purse.

I should also note that when I got the pattern, about a week later, I received an envelope from the company with corrections for the project in it. I think the kits come corrected now, but at the time I was very glad the corrections came before I had dug into it - especially since one of the corrections for the crochet version was for Row 6 at the beginning.

OH!! The felting was fun. I couldn't do it the traditional way as my washer is in an outer building with no hot water source. I opted for a gallon-sized jug filled with hot water and some Legos :-P I did a bit of "shakey-shake" and stirring with a bambo spoon before testing it out. It worked wonderfully and I was pleasantly surprised.


Next Projects: Vintage Beaded Doily Covers & Market Tote (w/ matching bottle cover)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Crocheting

It's been a VERY long time since I received a kit. So I'm thrilled to report that I finally got a new one. I really do need to call them and double check things becuase I got a charge on my credit card and no corresponding kit. I'm hoping it just got lost in the mail and Im not being charged for stuff I didn't get becuase of yet another computer error.

Anyway, back to the goodie bag: It's a Christmas Stocking. The final product is a bit small for my tastes, but I'm guessing that is because they make their kits way under price. I've noticed a trend. I love the pattern - VERY simple and you weaving in the ends as yo go.

I'll post a pic of it when it's completed. But I wanted to start over with a bigger hook so it has a bit more stretch to it.

In the meantime - enjoy your holiday crafting!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surprise Kit?

This week I got a kit in the mail that I wasn't expecting - apparently Annie's Attic had a computer "thing" and sent all the Hook n' Needle members the first "Scarves" kit again. I called and they credited my card for the mistake so no harm done. But I have to say - I was a tad bit disappointed. I do hope they get everything straightened out and get a new kit out to everyone soon. You know, it's like Christmas opening those envelopes.

As soon as I do get one, I will post it. I've been rather busy with 'life' stuff so that purse is still not finished. Now that school has started up again, I will be able to get back to it all.

In the meantime, as usual, happy hooking...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Kit Alert!!

Vintage Beaded Doily Covers Kit
Yes, Already LOL

Boy, when they try to make up for forgetting about you for three months, they do it in a big way. I got yet another kit in the mail about a week after I got the felted purse kit - This one is a beautiful set of beaded doilies.

I'm actually behind in my crocheting over all and still have one more dishcloth to make before I can even start on the felted purse - let alone begin these beautiful doilies.

Washcloths Kit (Finished)
UPDATE: I finished those washcloths so I will start on the purse this week sometime. Yay !!

Here is a pic of them. They were fun and very fast. Great new stitches to learn and share as well. I hope those that get this enjoy it as much as I did.

So. . . H&N made up for the lack of kits by sending two almost within a week of one another LOL So I have plenty to do to keep us all amused (at least I hope I keep you at least a little amused hehe).

In the meantime, all my love and happy hooking :-P

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Kit!!

It's been forever, right?? 

Not because of ME, I assure you. I thought this was a monthly club, but apparently not.

I actually had to call and ask how come I hadn't gotten a new kit in oh, FOREVER.

But finally - A new kit arrived the other day. Yay !

WATERCOLOR FELTED BAG My first try at wool yarn as well as felting. This should be fun and interesting.
A little more yellow in person than on the booklet picture but I like the colors!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dishcloth Kit: Project 1

Wavy Stitch; Variegated Cotton

  These are nice and fast. Perfect for a last minute gift. I just started this one but wanted to give an update. Very easy pattern and it looks really nice!

Finished Size will be 10 x 10 inches.

Oh, and don't mind the pic background LOL I'm playing with my photo editor *giggles*

Scarves! Kit Update - Update :-P

As you know, I've already finished this particular kit and am actually working on the dishcloths kit at the moment. However, in the mail today was a corrected Scarves! pattern book. I'm very pleased to know that they listen to us!! It makes me feel good about being in a club where the member's issues are taken seriously!

Of course I have NO plan on pulling out the finished scarves to work in their corrections :-P been there, done that! hehe

But, seriously! MUCH Love!!! for listening!

(May 28, 2011) They sent me a WHOLE new kit because I called and let them know I had run out of yarn. I didn't NEED a whole new kit - but way to go guys. GREAT customer service. MUCH love <3 <3 <3