Sunday, February 5, 2012

Watercolors Felted Bag (with inner pocket and coin-purse)

Now that the holidays are officially over and the next crochet project I HAVE to do isn't needed until the end of May this year, I have time to catch up on the kits I've gotten! Yay!

I took this out the other day and within a couple of hours the very simple purse was completed (at least 'stitch'-wise). There was a LOT of wool left over so I decided to make a small coin purse as well. Keeping in mind the felting needs I made the coin purse a little larger. I used the completed purse as a scale, making the c-p the size it would fit. It's just a basic round drawstring, but if anyone asks, I can add the pattern below.

After I finished the coin-purse however - and to my utter surprise!! - I had MORE wool left. I decided it was about enough to make an inner pocket for the purse. I ch21 and did about 17 rows of hdc. By the time I stitched it in, I was left with a grand total of 26 inches of unused wool - Yay! I hate left-overs! Especially of specialty yarn!

So, my finished purse has an inner pocket as well as a matching coin-purse.

I should also note that when I got the pattern, about a week later, I received an envelope from the company with corrections for the project in it. I think the kits come corrected now, but at the time I was very glad the corrections came before I had dug into it - especially since one of the corrections for the crochet version was for Row 6 at the beginning.

OH!! The felting was fun. I couldn't do it the traditional way as my washer is in an outer building with no hot water source. I opted for a gallon-sized jug filled with hot water and some Legos :-P I did a bit of "shakey-shake" and stirring with a bambo spoon before testing it out. It worked wonderfully and I was pleasantly surprised.


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