Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Kit Alert!!

Vintage Beaded Doily Covers Kit
Yes, Already LOL

Boy, when they try to make up for forgetting about you for three months, they do it in a big way. I got yet another kit in the mail about a week after I got the felted purse kit - This one is a beautiful set of beaded doilies.

I'm actually behind in my crocheting over all and still have one more dishcloth to make before I can even start on the felted purse - let alone begin these beautiful doilies.

Washcloths Kit (Finished)
UPDATE: I finished those washcloths so I will start on the purse this week sometime. Yay !!

Here is a pic of them. They were fun and very fast. Great new stitches to learn and share as well. I hope those that get this enjoy it as much as I did.

So. . . H&N made up for the lack of kits by sending two almost within a week of one another LOL So I have plenty to do to keep us all amused (at least I hope I keep you at least a little amused hehe).

In the meantime, all my love and happy hooking :-P