Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ladder Scarf w/ Knitting Loom

Okay - This is beautiful!! Much easier than crocheting or knitting with traditional needles.

 Mackena's Ladder Scarf
  • Use the pink knifty knitter loom (26peg)
  • Loom Pick
  • 1 skein (1.5oz) Ladder Yarn - Multi Color
  • 5x5 inch piece of cardboard for Fringe
  • Size J crochet hook
  • Scissors
Cut yarn for fringe first. Wrap yarn around the cardboard 80 times. Cut across one end. Set Aside.

E-wrap Cast-on - Leaving a 5 inch end, anchor yarn and begin e-wrapping the yarn across from end to end on pegs 1-9. Wrap the last peg (9) clockwise, then working back to your left, wrap each peg counter-clockwise until all have 2 loops on them. E-knit first row.

At this point, I added half the fringe to the middle 8 ladders (5 strands ea.)

Okay, continue e-wrap knitting, wrapping the last of each row and picking up those two stitches on the next round. Continue until you almost completely run out of yarn, leaving at least five inches at the end of last knitted row.

To bind off, use the chain one method. Insert the crochet hook in the loop on the last peg worked and lift it off the peg. Working across the loom, insert the hook on the next peg, lift it off the peg and pull it through the first loop on the hook. Continue in this manner until all loops have been removed from the loom and there is one loop left on the hook. Pull the leftover yarn through that loop and secure yarn.

Attach the remaining fringe the same as the beginning. Tighten the fringe and trim if necessary.

Block & Enjoy!

Close-Up - I LOVE how it looks like Rainbow Fish scales in the sun!!!

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