Friday, March 25, 2011

White Lacy Ruffle Scarf - Finished

Final Project - Kit 1

Well, I had to scrap the idea of putting the edging on. It didn't seem to make much a difference anyway. It looked pretty much the same with or without, thank goodness! But I couldn't find a replacement yarn in my area, and ordering it would have been more expensive than this whole thing was worth.

Regardless, I LOVE the scarf!!! And I will use the pattern again - I'm thinking in a pale rose next time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White Lacy Ruffle Scarf

I'm almost finished with the scarf but hit a big snag... NOT enough yarn! About 1/2 an ounce shy, maybe even only 1/4 an ounce. I'm wondering if the J hook was what they meant to use. Because the scarf is beautiful, but more lacy than the pic seemed to indicate it would be. I think if an H hook had been used, it would have come out perfectly. As it is, since they had their own "band" on the skein of yarn, I have no idea what brand the yarn is. I will have to hope that the white baby yarn I have matches :( I'm not happy at all - but the scarf IS quite lovely!!

When I'm finished (If I can match the yarn) I will post a pic of the whole scarf, in the meantime... Here is a close up of what one side of the pattern looks like laid out flat:

Pattern laid flat - when both sides hang down it makes a really pretty ruffle.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Infinity Scarf - Finished

Chenille Infinity Scarf

 It's pretty! And Fluffy!! LOL - I started with 4 oz. of Chenille yarn. I ended with .4 oz (12gr) left over! Whew! Cutting it close but it's just enough to make a small flower or something to applique on the scarf. I haven't decided if I will do that or not though.

Bonus: It only took a couple of hours!! Great gift idea!

It's not blurry- It's just that fluffy!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ladder Scarf w/ Knitting Loom

Okay - This is beautiful!! Much easier than crocheting or knitting with traditional needles.

 Mackena's Ladder Scarf
  • Use the pink knifty knitter loom (26peg)
  • Loom Pick
  • 1 skein (1.5oz) Ladder Yarn - Multi Color
  • 5x5 inch piece of cardboard for Fringe
  • Size J crochet hook
  • Scissors
Cut yarn for fringe first. Wrap yarn around the cardboard 80 times. Cut across one end. Set Aside.

E-wrap Cast-on - Leaving a 5 inch end, anchor yarn and begin e-wrapping the yarn across from end to end on pegs 1-9. Wrap the last peg (9) clockwise, then working back to your left, wrap each peg counter-clockwise until all have 2 loops on them. E-knit first row.

At this point, I added half the fringe to the middle 8 ladders (5 strands ea.)

Okay, continue e-wrap knitting, wrapping the last of each row and picking up those two stitches on the next round. Continue until you almost completely run out of yarn, leaving at least five inches at the end of last knitted row.

To bind off, use the chain one method. Insert the crochet hook in the loop on the last peg worked and lift it off the peg. Working across the loom, insert the hook on the next peg, lift it off the peg and pull it through the first loop on the hook. Continue in this manner until all loops have been removed from the loom and there is one loop left on the hook. Pull the leftover yarn through that loop and secure yarn.

Attach the remaining fringe the same as the beginning. Tighten the fringe and trim if necessary.

Block & Enjoy!

Close-Up - I LOVE how it looks like Rainbow Fish scales in the sun!!!

Ladder Scarf - Final

 Okay... I have to admit it! I'm having a Blast!! now that my first initial fear of this yarn has past! I'm really looking forward to the next projects!!

The Ladder scarf is finished! It looks pretty decent but not really my taste. I'm giving it to my niece Chelsi for her BDay in June. She will love it!

I'll post the final with my LOOM instructions tomorrow, I think. I'm going to get moving on the other two scarves from the first kit tomorrow as well. I'll post on them as I go (per usual).

I hated the yarn, but in the end really liked the look of this scarf. It will be a great gift! And that is one of the points of these kits, right? Fun new experiences as well as PRESENTS for everyone!! Muahahahaha!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


4Ply Worsted Weight
Well ... Not that I'm not interested in doing these, I am. But this kit is definitely NOT worth the $21.94 charged to my credit card. Four skeins
of peaches and cream in various colors (available at my local store for $1.29 each), and a booklet filled with eight washcloth patterns that I already have because they are free online. Not to mention, the patterns are ALSO printed on the skein labels... of which I also already have in
my stash of P&C.

*Sigh* Obviously - NOT pleased with this "kit" But you know me!! Tally on! I'm also hoping that eventually the price/value of the kits will more than even out in the end. *finger crossed*

P&C Colors: #180 Ppcrn Ombre; #010 Yellow (which has a certain irony attached to it!); #042 Tea Rose; & #056 Celry.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ladder Scarf

Brilliant on the loom!! Much easier/nicer!! It looks really nice when I hold it out like it's been blocked already. But this is how it lays on its own.

It's about 4 inches wide, same as the pattern says it should be - so far so good!
Here is a close up -