Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dishcloth Kit: Project 1

Wavy Stitch; Variegated Cotton

  These are nice and fast. Perfect for a last minute gift. I just started this one but wanted to give an update. Very easy pattern and it looks really nice!

Finished Size will be 10 x 10 inches.

Oh, and don't mind the pic background LOL I'm playing with my photo editor *giggles*


  1. Hi Mackena, I've been reading your posts for a while, but just started "following" you today. I subscribed to AH&NC about the same time you did, but have rec'd different kits than you. My first was the scarves. I actually ran out of the pink chenille in the middle of the last row, contacted the company, and they sent me a whole new kit! Their customer service is awesome. I am not fond of the price, either, but the kits have been nice so far. Currently, I am working on a felted bag and a cute little teddy bear. Thanks for your posts, I am happy to see your loom ladder scarf pattern, as I tried to crochet it, too, and failed! Ha! Thanks!

  2. Great to have you! I decided to do this to share the experience with others so this is great! I actually had to contact them recently because I haven't received a new kit since February 18th! They've not responded except to confirm that I don't have any "missing" kits. It made me wonder if they kicked me out because of this blog - which would just be silly! LOL But I'm still awaiting an answer to why I've not received anymore. It's not an issue on my end, I've double checked, so we will see.
    I like that they sent you a replacement kit! As you know, I ran out of WHITE yarn for the ruffled scarf. Hmmm... Perhaps I should contact them about it, maybe they will send me more and I may be able to finish it.
    Alas, I digress... hehe GREAT to have you here!!

  3. I have been following you also and joined the club too. I have received the scarves kit first, the washclothes second and just received a purple booted/slipper yesterday. I am disappointed that my washclothes kit only had 3 patterns and yarn. ( I was looking forward to the shell looking stitch and multi colored yarn). can you send me that pattern and I will buy my own Lilly peaches and cream.

    1. The only time I've shared pattern info on here is for corrections I've made or my original pattern for the ladder scarf on the loom. But when it comes to their kit patterns, they are copy-written so I need to wait until after the holiday weekend (Tuesday) to give them a call to ask whether it is permitted. I don't mind, of course, but I want to make sure it's okay before I do anything that could get me into trouble.
      You might also be able to call them and ask for certain kits to be sent to you - I know that they have at least three different washcloth kits - so it might have just been the luck of the draw.
      I'll update once I hear back from them.

    2. I finally heard back from them and they said I am not allowed to share their pattern as it would go against copyright laws. I CAN however, let you know the stitch is called "the wavy stitch" and you can find instruction in pretty much any stitch book out there, including this one: 50 Ripple Stitches (
      I also found out that they discontinue and change kits after awhile, so you did get the current kit, unfortunately.
      I'm sorry I wasn't able to post the pattern, but I hope I at least set you on the right track!