Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kit 1: Scarves

Soooo... the first kit came. My first thought was - EWW! Scarves? Seriously? Then I decided to take a closer look. I am, after all, on an adventure here, right? YES, Kena! You are!!

 In the package were three yarns, a booklet with the three patterns in both crochet and knit (Hmm... make that 6 patterns then, right? LOL) and the "free gift" stitch guide.

Let's look at this stitch guide... Okay... it's more a hmmm... an over-simplified beginner's guide - and frankly, in this girl's humble opinion, unworthy of the title "free gift." UGH... Okay, I agree it is needed by many, BUT I would include that without hype and I would have preferred my "free gift" to be something along the lines of a tote, or hook/needle holder?? ANYTHING other than what they give. They lose points with me for that.

Now Let's take a look at the yarn it came with:

Bright Pink Chenille (BulkyWt/Size6)
Multi-Colored Ladder (Worsted/Size4)

Bright Pink... WoW - Kinda hurts my eyes LOL But I'm a nature girl and generally shy away from bright colors like this. But it is for an "Infinity" Scarf that is just a huge circle.

Soft White (Fine-SportWt/Size1)
WoW... okay, this is new!! Ladder Yarn?? VERY cool! Kind of looks like ribbon though LOL But very pretty! This might be a little difficult to make the "Ladder Scarf" out of LOL But you know I'm up for anything!


This is nice and soft - Baby Yarn. Should make a nice Ruffled Scarf.

Okay, for now - I'm finished ogling the goods LOL

I'll post pictures of the finished scarves when I get them done. In the meantime... I anxiously await the arrival of the NEXT kit. I'll post details when it gets here!!


  1. I like the chenille yarn, but I am in agrrement about the color, something a little less flashy for me, please.

    I look forward to seeing how these turn out.

  2. Hi Helen!

    I agree about the chenille - it is very yummy but... yes, TOO flashy LOL

    Please feel free to follow me and share the blog with anyone else you might think would be interested. I do plan on keeping up with it; If for nothing more than my own amusement LOL

    Enjoy & Welcome!

  3. I shall do that. I have a blog as well, but don't have anything much posted. I'm hoping to get more crochet related things added in the next couple of weeks.