Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ladder Yarn Nightmare...

I can't crochet with this stuff - I'm just not that good OR patient!

Sooo... I had an idea last night while looking at my pile of "Toys" as Jenna calls them LOL a.k.a. my Loom Sets.

Since crocheting this yard is so hard, I thought I would try to knit it on the loom! This club is a crochet and/or knit club, so why not? I'm not cheating, right?? hehe

Okay headache temporarily gone - but officially, this yarn is NOT recommended for Crochet Use!!

*Goes to find the knit instructions* BTW, if the knit instructions don't work for the loom, I will make my own pattern and post it here for you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Dreaded Ladder Scarf!

Okay, so I thought I would start with the easiest one first... NOT! It is not only not easy - but I've actually been frustrated to the point of wanting to burn this "yarn!"

For those of you just joining the fun... This is 'Ladder Yarn'. And it is a pain in the bumble to work with! The hook keeps getting caught on the string parts and you can't even tell the V in the stitch.

Okay, so I'm complaining a lot, right? lol I decided to make this for my niece for her B-Day in June. Heck, it might take that long to finish it.

My biggest worry, however, is that it doesn't seem to have any form. You can't see the stitches, like I said, so it looks like a flat jumble of knots in string. At this point, I'm really wondering how she will feel about getting something so... errr... messy, from me.

Anyway, I'll post more pictures once I get a few more rows in - I'll probably just update this entry.

And I thought this would be the "easy" one roflmao Shows what I know, huh?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kit 1: Scarves

Soooo... the first kit came. My first thought was - EWW! Scarves? Seriously? Then I decided to take a closer look. I am, after all, on an adventure here, right? YES, Kena! You are!!

 In the package were three yarns, a booklet with the three patterns in both crochet and knit (Hmm... make that 6 patterns then, right? LOL) and the "free gift" stitch guide.

Let's look at this stitch guide... Okay... it's more a hmmm... an over-simplified beginner's guide - and frankly, in this girl's humble opinion, unworthy of the title "free gift." UGH... Okay, I agree it is needed by many, BUT I would include that without hype and I would have preferred my "free gift" to be something along the lines of a tote, or hook/needle holder?? ANYTHING other than what they give. They lose points with me for that.

Now Let's take a look at the yarn it came with:

Bright Pink Chenille (BulkyWt/Size6)
Multi-Colored Ladder (Worsted/Size4)

Bright Pink... WoW - Kinda hurts my eyes LOL But I'm a nature girl and generally shy away from bright colors like this. But it is for an "Infinity" Scarf that is just a huge circle.

Soft White (Fine-SportWt/Size1)
WoW... okay, this is new!! Ladder Yarn?? VERY cool! Kind of looks like ribbon though LOL But very pretty! This might be a little difficult to make the "Ladder Scarf" out of LOL But you know I'm up for anything!


This is nice and soft - Baby Yarn. Should make a nice Ruffled Scarf.

Okay, for now - I'm finished ogling the goods LOL

I'll post pictures of the finished scarves when I get them done. In the meantime... I anxiously await the arrival of the NEXT kit. I'll post details when it gets here!!

The Adventure Begins!

So ... Here I am - I've decided to write a blog about the Annie's Attic Hook & Needle Club I joined. I hope you enjoy!!