Wednesday, March 9, 2011


4Ply Worsted Weight
Well ... Not that I'm not interested in doing these, I am. But this kit is definitely NOT worth the $21.94 charged to my credit card. Four skeins
of peaches and cream in various colors (available at my local store for $1.29 each), and a booklet filled with eight washcloth patterns that I already have because they are free online. Not to mention, the patterns are ALSO printed on the skein labels... of which I also already have in
my stash of P&C.

*Sigh* Obviously - NOT pleased with this "kit" But you know me!! Tally on! I'm also hoping that eventually the price/value of the kits will more than even out in the end. *finger crossed*

P&C Colors: #180 Ppcrn Ombre; #010 Yellow (which has a certain irony attached to it!); #042 Tea Rose; & #056 Celry.


  1. This installment is definately a let down and a rip off. Hopefully the next ones make up for the lack luster of this one. :-/

  2. Yeah, Jenna said the same thing - I'm hoping you are both right! LOL But that is part of the reason I decided to do this blog - to compare the value vs. enjoyment (not to mention the part about having a box filled with presents to give away for B-days and Holidays!).