Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ladder Scarf - Final

 Okay... I have to admit it! I'm having a Blast!! now that my first initial fear of this yarn has past! I'm really looking forward to the next projects!!

The Ladder scarf is finished! It looks pretty decent but not really my taste. I'm giving it to my niece Chelsi for her BDay in June. She will love it!

I'll post the final with my LOOM instructions tomorrow, I think. I'm going to get moving on the other two scarves from the first kit tomorrow as well. I'll post on them as I go (per usual).

I hated the yarn, but in the end really liked the look of this scarf. It will be a great gift! And that is one of the points of these kits, right? Fun new experiences as well as PRESENTS for everyone!! Muahahahaha!!

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